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I like to dab a bit of everything in the field of art. Actor/Musician/Artist

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DJ-GameBreaker's News

Posted by DJ-GameBreaker - July 17th, 2019

Need a Beat? Hit my Line...

Posted by DJ-GameBreaker - April 23rd, 2018

Just got some fresh new drum kits plug-ins for my studio

Posted by DJ-GameBreaker - November 9th, 2017

I was working towards making an extended version of my "Zoned Loop" but, the file got corupted. So, I guess I'll make a remastered version of Consistant, or I might upload a whole new song. Either way, I going to try to upload some more music soon.

Posted by DJ-GameBreaker - October 13th, 2017

School kind of getting in the way, so i'm not going to upload as much content as I want to. But stay tuned for some music and art content.

Posted by DJ-GameBreaker - September 29th, 2017

I gotta redecorate this profile. Oh, and i'm going to start posting some music too..you can email me for some voice samples too(if you trying to make a movie).

Posted by DJ-GameBreaker - January 11th, 2016

Check out my youtube gaming channel that I'm starting "97goldenchild". Subscribe and tell me what other games you will like to see.




Posted by DJ-GameBreaker - July 2nd, 2012

Xbox fucking suck. I can't even play my damn 2k12 without an error message popping up because the case they gave me fucked it up. I got to take the damn cd out very carefuly or the cd will get cracked. Then I lost my battery charger set i brought from best buy and now I got to use AA bateries and the shit only last for 8 hours. I also now hate the fact that I have to pay just to play online with my friend across the street.

Posted by DJ-GameBreaker - February 29th, 2012

read the title i'm not repeating myself.

Posted by DJ-GameBreaker - February 27th, 2012

I was the first one to enter the password and now i am gman213456!!! So don't bother to login cause I changed the password.

Posted by DJ-GameBreaker - February 25th, 2012

my password is newgrounds